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girl named jake: A Troubadour Tale

We are PASSION. We are a storyteller. In conversation. Writing. Performing. Living. We passionately experience and express life as a story. We share ourself with others as a story. We EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN & INSPIRE via stories. We love listening to stories. Reading stories. Watching them. Creating new ones. Life is the story we are creating for ourself along our journey. Our perception of the setting, plot and characters defines whether it be a comedy, tragedy, drama or horror. Our state of BeingNESS spins our tale accordingly. Or so we’ve learned…

Once upon a dream, we were bound to be an international, philanthropic rockstar. The stars in our eyes twinkled so brightly there was no doubt within us. We knew we would inspire and encourage others on a global scale to change the world. INNOCENCE is a beautiful thing. The powers of INFLUENCE rearranged our celestial vision however, with our help and choices of course, into something completely different. Goals instead of dreams, more tangible, attainable and “successful” in the eyes of others.

Doctors Without Borders became the target. We executed our mission with utmost determination and passionate intensity that is our nature. One Biochemistry degree and scholarship to Medicine later, we found ourself in an uncomfortable spiral into the Abyss of DEPRESSION. Unresolved medical issues and sexual assaults contributed to the psychological mayhem brewing within, and our confidence was stripped raw. SUCCESS, as defined outside us, was proving painful beyond bearing. A burden leaving us exhausted, empty and lost.

The battle with FAILURE & DISAPPOINTMENT raged inside until the damn burst. We gave up our scholarship and future as a physician, yet rather than joyfully surfing the wave of FREEDOM relinquishing academic & influential pressures created, we allowed it to nearly drown us in the descending vortex of DESPAIR. The hostility of such an internal environment proved treacherous. SHAME erupted in debilitating rivers of molten suffering, destroying all our foundations. To protect what remained of our ragged identity, we futilely forged armor with BLAME, ANGER, DESPERATION, ADDICTION, ABUSE & PESSIMISM. The weight simply sunk us deeper into DENIAL. We lost our creative spirit, our purpose, job, family, home … we lost ourself. Or we thought we had…

In the aftermath, we learned how to choose to step out of Darkness and into Light. That everyone, including us, deserved to Stand in the Sun. We learned that it was a challenging choice, yet a CHOICE nonetheless. A powerful healing circle of shattered humans, bonding over songs we wrote through our journey, allowed our jakeNESS to flow again. Brought breath back into the lungs of our soul and reignited the fires of PASSION. The atmosphere under our skin transformed and the Phoenix of JOY spread her wings and bowed thanks for her release.

In those moments, we understood that our purpose was to EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN & INSPIRE. girl named jake rose from those flames of INSPIRATION. An awareness tingling deep, sparked the knowing of our childhood, flooding our system once again with HOPE. We were meant to lead in a way more profound than medicine could ever have provided. Using all of our gifts, far beyond the powers of intellect and technology. The dreams of our inner Sparklina were suddenly accessible again, as the stars in her eyes began to sparkle once more.

Our PASSION, fuelled by the Phoenix of JOY, lead us to seek new perspectives. To understand the “Astonishing Power of EMOTION”, as one of our favorite gurus describes. To explore life and seek new stories every day. To choose the genre of every moment and “create our own reality”, our own endings and beginnings to every story. To share our JOY and nurture others to nurture themselves.

We are a Storyteller. A Helicopter Pilot. Writer. Performer. And most of all… a DREAMER! The sky is no longer our limit. Instead, it’s everything beyond even the Stars in our Eyes

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